Friday, August 21, 2009

388. that all 7 of my children are here in my home sleeping peacefully in their beds

389. my husband was here with me

390. God spared Chad's life 10 years ago--others are not so blessed

391. children that carry on our husband's legacies long after they are gone!

392. 3 little boys sleeping in the same bed for comfort after this great tragedy

393. the testimonies of 4 young men that lived for God

394. a Pastor who has the wisdom to lead our church through this tremendous time of grief

395. A God who cares and hears

Saturday, June 27, 2009

381. An entire week of beautiful, sunny days

382. An understanding, patient husband

383. A hard-working man

384. A huge opportunity to see God work in a really big way in our lives. We are asking Him for something bigger than we've ever asked Him for before. It seems impossible, but He dropped something in our laps when we weren't even looking for it. So, I'm just trusting in faith that He wants to do something for us..... We'll see.

385. Not being able to sleep because I can't stop thinking about our prayer request

386. Some days where I can function pretty well despite feeling so poorly

387. Being able to take care of a sick hubby yesterday afternoon (food poisoning, I think)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

371. Four days without children when Chad and I went to Florida

372. A mom (and daughter) willing to care for them for a few days!

373. Living in a place with a high altitude (at least higher than the surrounding areas) that gets a steady breeze each day

374. A comfortable couch

375. Electric fans

376. Children who are willing to help with daily tasks and cooking when mom doesn't feel so well

377. Lots of paint work for Chad (a necessity, it seems, this summer)

378. Elisabeth's sweet attitude about Daddy's protective nature now that she is entering the youth group

379. A husband who is protective of the children

380. Children who planted all of my flower bulbs

Thursday, June 4, 2009

356. Surviving the day! lol

357. Running some much-needed errands today

358. Helping to get Chad organized at the school

359. Second chances, and third, and fourth, and get the idea!

360. Playing with the baby on the floor

361. Having children who know the value of good, hard work

362. Neighbors willing to watch our dog for us again while we are away

363. Chad getting to see the Changing of the Guard at the Coast Guard in Traverse City today.

364. The ability to scratch an itch. Can you imagine having to scratch your back or your arm and not being able to do it?!

365. Books, books, books

366. Bible reading schedules and little boys who are trying to catch up!

367. Washing dishes by hand

368. Folding laundry -- There's just something about fresly laundered and folded clothes!

369. A warm, sunny day today and, hopefully, tomorrow

370. A life full of stable men. My dad was stable and my husband is stable. If the world were run by emotional women it would be a scary place to be. I am so thankful that my husband brings me back down to earth when I become emotional about something that won't matter 5 seconds from now. I LOVE that man!!
Shame on me for not posting in such a long time! No excuses. Plenty of things for which to be thankful. I won't even attempt to "catch up"; I'll just go on from here.

325. Sunshine almost every day, even if it is still chilly up here!

326. A very clean car -- from 3 hours of work, work, work!

327. A freshly mowed lawn by a very determined 10 year old boy, who even managed to start the lawn mower without mom's help! ;)

328. A daughter who turns 12 tomorrow

329. A wise husband who protects our children and follows his heart AND head where they are concerned

330. 3 days until vacation; 5 days until Florida with my man!!

331. My home

332. Buying tickets online to Busch Gardens!

333. The smell of freshly washed babies

334. Touching a newborn's fuzzy head at church tonight. "I just have to touch him. I can't help myself!" Momma-"It's okay. You can touch him anytime!"

335. Chatting with an old friend

336. Meagan finishing her first Boxcar Children book in 2 days and beginning on her second.

337. Fresh pineapple and watermelon

338. Chad's new truck

339. A clean shower

340. Keeping the laundry pretty much done

341. Getting organized for the school year

342. Many new babies coming this year and next ;)

343. Chad getting to see the changing of the Coast Guard tomorrow with all of the staff men

344. The ability to use both of my legs

345. Sight

346. Hearing

347. Cameras

348. The fact that my children love me even though I "mess up" so often as a mother

349. Schedules and summer lesson books

350. Sibling love

351. Listening to the man I love breathe and knowing God spared his life 10 years ago! Wow! God is so gracious and so full of mercy!!!

352. A goodly heritage--for me and my children

353. Mother/daughter trips

354. Children who love to work

355. Little League Baseball :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

316. Getting all my shopping done for the Camp Meeting baskets

317. Remembering what a nice visit we had with Chad's Dad and Kay and Brianna last June--and missing them

318. Listening to the thunder outside through my open window (I should live somewhere warm!)

319. Finding yellow heart confetti for a young bride-to-be's wedding for ten cents a bag

320. Eating dinner at KFC with all of my men

321. A nap

322. Exercising for 4 days in a row

323. Being able to keep a missionary family during camp meeting

324. Tyler making his first mess in the kitchen by spilling olive oil on the floor. He's scootching all over the place on his little bottom!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

301. Raking leaves with my boys

302. Finally doing something with the massive wood pile that we inherited when we moved in--7 years ago!

303. Feeling sore but knowing that I worked hard

304. Six freshly bathed children

305. Staying caught up on the laundry

306. The three new painting jobs that Chad has gotten in the last few days, one of them will pay for our little trip

307. Warm, sunny days that make me feel so alive inside

308. Sleeping so soundly at night from all the physical work we've been doing

309. Contemplating painting our bedroom when Chad's gone to Cedar Point with the high school next week

310. Extra paint from a job that might just be the color I want in my room

311. Remembering that I need to make a dessert for the preachers during Camp Meeting (I forget so many things!)

312. My Franlkin planner

313. Having a two year old around the house. They are so fun with their fresh outlook on life.

314. Helping to plan wedding decorations for Chad's secretary

315. Cereal and milk